Case Study

MYOB Leverages Lithium to Develop a Flourishing Online Community and an Invaluable Support Resource

MYOB, Australia's leading accounting software provider who services over 1.2 million businesses across Australia and New Zealand, was gearing up to transition their customers from traditional desktop software to cloud-based solutions. Customer questions could be answered more quickly if they were diverted to their Community, thereby leaving the support team to focus on the most complex client issues. However, they were apprehensive about closing down the email channel—how would customers react?

  • Goal

    Provide quick and knowledgeable online support to resolve MYOB customer inquiries without utilizing the email channel.

  • Solution

    Partner with Lithium's Social Customer Experience product to trial the closure of email support and divert customer inquiries to a Lithium-powered Community as a test and learn. Ultimately, redirect customers to their Community where inquiries are best managed.

“Lithium has provided a stable, easy-to-use, feature-rich platform that has enabled us to develop a flourishing online community and an invaluable support resource.”

What were the results of diverting customer inquiries from your email support channel to your Community?

We saw very positive results—in fact, the results were so powerful that we decided to de-emphasize email support and redirect inquiries going forward through our Lithium-powered Community. The average response time for our customers was significantly decreased (from several days to several hours), and 65% of customers who have posted on our Community since email support was phased out have not needed to utilize our call center or live chat support. As a result, MYOB achieved great success assisting customers with the move to cloud accounting solutions, announcing 100,000 online subscribers in late 2014. The milestone was achieved in less than two years from the launch of our flagship AccountRight cloud accounting solution.

What has been the benefit to your organization of leveraging Community versus email support?

There is obviously significant cost savings to our business by diverting clients to the Community where they can find solutions through other community users without needing to contact us or our Partners. Our Community also allows us to offer a significantly improved support experience. When offering email support, our team was drowning in emails and getting further and further behind. It was not uncommon for clients to have to wait many days for a response, and as such their NPS feedback was consistently low. With the same resources we previously used to answer emails, the average client inquiry is now answered within a few hours through our Lithium-powered Community, and as such, NPS feedback is now turning around.

What has been the ongoing impact on your customers?

In addition to providing critical online support during the recent transition to our cloud-based solutions, our customers are experiencing considerable value in the Community as an ever-growing resource of solutions. The Community ensures that clients (most of whom are small business owners with limited time) can very quickly get an answer to their question and get back to work. With an average of over 20,000 unique visitors every week, we now have many more clients utilizing the Community than contacting us via other support channels such as phone and LiveChat. In our peak period at the end of the financial year when it is impossible to service the incoming support demand, the Community plays a crucial role in allowing us to offer proactive content to answer frequently asked questions by our customers.

Have you seen benefits of working with your Partners via your Community?

Absolutely. One of the biggest advantages of the Community is that we can harness the incredible knowledge, expertise and experience of our Partners. MYOB offers customers access to Australia’s biggest network of accountants, bookkeepers, and consultants—40,000+ Partners—who generously spend a lot of time answering client inquiries on the Community . Their efforts wonderfully complement the work of our internal Social Support team. Our Partners are able to share their real-world experiences as well as provide individual tax advice that our support teams are not able to offer. This is a huge benefit to our customers.

How have you used Community to influence future products?

Accounting software may not seem like an exciting topic, but clients are very engaged in the subject matter and keen to share their suggestions on how our products can be further improved. We are particularly proud of the success of our Idea Exchange, with over 2,200 ideas received in the past two years and over 10,000 votes. The Idea Exchange has also been instrumental in helping us improve client sentiment on the Community, as clients now have a direct line to product management and can see we are publicly accountable to act upon their feedback.

“Thank you for this Community. I am glad to see MYOB trying hard to continue to give good service to its customers.”