Case Study

Starhub Transforms Brand into an Award-Winning Social Platform with Lithium

As Singapore's first fully integrated info-communications company, StarHub's aim has been, is, and will always be focused on providing every person, every home and every business in Singapore with world-class information, communication and entertainment services.

  • Goal

    Transform StarHub, Singapore's fully integrated info-communications company, into an engaging social business, thereby positioning StarHub as a global leader in social media.

  • Solution

    Create a Lithium-powered community where customer support inquiries can be efficiently resolved, leverage the efforts of superfan advocates to promote the brand, and garner global recognition as a leader in the social media landscape.

“Our Lithium-powered community has truly helped us to fully harness the power of social media. It has enabled our company to better engage with customers. It also has empowered today's digital and social customer to engage with us and even co-create with our brand.”

What prompted you to seek a new solution for your social media needs?

We realized that customers are becoming more vocal, and they do not hesitate to tell us when we do not perform up to their expectations. However, they are also willing to partner with us to create a better product and customer experience. Knowing this, we hope to address both their needs and ours through social media.

While there are popular social media platforms, we found it challenging to build long-term relationships with customers through those social networks. That's why we launched the StarHub Community in 2012, as we found that a community solution is what we need to manage both the challenges and the opportunities of social media.

How has your Lithium-powered community addressed your needs?

Our Community has helped us better manage customer feedback in a more structured and constructive manner. Customers can quickly find their questions and answers on the Community through easily searching for the relevant discussion thread. In addition, the positive and constructive tone of our own brand Community not only helps us better manage customer service queries, but also helps us build a community of superfans.

How do your StarHub superfans contribute to your community and your business?

Our superfans emerged six months into the Community launch through Lithium's built-in gamification system that easily surfaces advocates. The superfans are helpful and knowledgeable customers who genuinely feel that they can create a better world by sharing their own expertise and time to assist others on our Community.

These loyal superfans have helped our business tremendously by lowering our support costs, avoiding social media crises, and creating numerous helpful product reviews. We are very appreciative of their contributions, and we started a superfan program to encourage and honor them.

What has been the impact on your organization?

The impact of our Community has been tremendous, generating S$2.8 million in sales revenue and over S$500k in customer support cost savings.

Our company has been honored to receive awards locally, regionally, and internationally for our award-winning community. Our global recognition includes being a two-time, consecutive winner of Lithium's digital customer excellence awards, the Lithys. In 2014, we won the Regional Star- Asia Pacific award, and in 2015, we took home the award for Social ROI Titan.

What has been the on-going impact to our customers?

Based on a poll we conducted, we found that 43% of our customers visited our community for service support and 82% received an answer. This resulted in 34% of them who did not have to call the call center for such issues, leading to higher customer satisfaction. Through our community, we have even managed to turn an angry customer into one of our top advocates!

To learn more about StarHub's digital success, check out our exclusive interview with Darren Choo, AVP of Social CRM at StarHub.