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6 Tips on Using Facebook for Business

While social media platforms are not yet a major purchasing channel, they heavily influence purchase decisions.

In fact, when asked, “Which of the following social media platforms do you think influence you or make you want to buy certain products?” 52% of Facebook users claim to be influenced by Facebook.1

However, the majority of businesses aren’t taking advantage of just how powerful a tool Facebook can be. Are you ready to go beyond just posting status updates on your page, but aren’t sure how? By following these six Facebook for business tips, you’ll gain an edge on your competition, improve visibility for your brand and impact online and offline purchases.

52% of Facebook users claim to be influenced by Facebook to buy certain products.

1. Aim for the Bullseye

With Facebook’s new Preferred Audience tool, deliver the right content to the right audience through targeting of your organic posts. This new tool has replaced Interest Targeting which prevented people who didn't match the interests assigned to a post from seeing it in their News Feed. According to Facebook, “with Preferred Audience, interest tags help prioritize posts that are most likely to be engaging for a person without limiting visibility for others." 2

2. Take the Lead

With 93% of daily active users accessing Facebook from their mobile devices, 3 the last thing you want to do is ask them to click to a long form on your website to collect their information. Facebook Lead Ads “look like regular Facebook ads but when a person clicks your ad, they will see a form that’s already filled with info they’ve shared with Facebook—like their name, phone number, or email.” 4 Grow your email list, collect interest information, offer coupons and take action quickly by integrating your email marketing or customer relationship (CRM) tools with lead ads.

3. Get a Lift

Just because a prospect didn’t interact your ad, doesn’t mean they didn’t notice it or weren’t persuaded by it. So how do you gauge the ROI for your Facebook campaign if you only measure engagements? Conversion Lift measurement for Facebook ads shows the true impact of your ads by tracking conversions instead of clicks. “From online to in-store sales, Conversion Lift offers a clear, easy way to see just how much business your Facebook ads drive.” 5

4. Tell Your Story 

With only 20% of Facebook’s advertisers creating video ads in the last month, 6 there remains an enormous opportunity to stand out from your competition and capture the attention of your audience. Here are a few Facebook for business tips for video ads from Social Media Examiner: 7

  • Grab the user’s attention in the first 2-3 seconds
  • Upload an engaging thumbnail
  • Optimize for video views by setting “Video Views” as the ad objective
  • Create carousel ads with multiple short videos

5. Connect through Chat

Did you know that one BILLION messages are sent between people and Facebook Pages each month? 8 These businesses recognize that Messenger is more than just a place to chat with your friends. According to Facebook, “you can also automate responses and create Messenger bots toconnect with and serve your customers.” One of the easiest ways to get started is to create a welcome screen and a call-to-action that appears when people start a new Messenger conversation with you.

6. You've Got to Be Real

Last but certainly not least, be real with your audience. People want to interact with people, not brands. Here are three tactics to providing an authentic experience on Facebook: 

  • Stop pushing your products and instead offer helpful information and solutions.
  • Be conversational in your tone, not just on your page but also in your ads.
  • Ask questions that warrant more than a one-word response to keep the conversation going.

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