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How Tech Brands Provide Comprehensive Social Care Experiences

Today’s digitally savvy customers have extreme expectations that are ever-changing. Because tech is synonymous with innovation, consumers hold this industry to an even higher standard when it comes to delivering digital customer care.

Having a superior product or service is no longer enough; tech firms must ensure a superior experience to stay ahead of the competition. Unfortunately, while the technology industry is driving digital transformation, it is falling short when it comes to the rapid change needed to keep up with rising customer expectations. In fact, in Lithium’s most recent State of Social Engagement report, which evaluates who leads the pack in delivering amazing digital customer experiences, tech ranks in the bottom three of the eight industries studied.

The stakes are enormous if your CX falls short. A whopping 71% of adults say they would likely never use a brand again after a single bad experience. In an environment where customers face an abundance of competitive options and can easily switch subscriptions and providers, failing to deliver is dangerous to your brand and bottom line. Since the cost of attracting new customers is 5x or 6x more than the cost of retaining them, it’s impossible to achieve true growth unless you’re providing exceptional experiences at every stage of the customer journey. Here’s how FitBit and GoDaddy keep their customers happy, engaged, and loyal.

“True growth in SaaS doesn't come from new customers, it comes from existing customers. As they grow, you grow. As you grow, they grow.1

Fitbit: Taking Steps to Better Customer Experience

Fitbit has one mission: to help people live healthier, more active lives. To accomplish this, they engage on healthy lifestyle choices — like providing Twitter followers low calorie recipes, hosting free monthly workouts in cities around the United States through their Fitbit Local Facebook groups, and offering running tips on Pinterest — rather than just promoting their products.

How else does a single business drive meaningful engagement with an audience of 25 million active users across 65 countries? By taking advantage of broad social listening and the opportunity to be first responders to any emerging issues.

  • With effective social listening through Lithium Social Media Management, the Fitbit community team confidently monitors everything from breaking news to casual conversation about their devices. They can find where conversations are taking place, and engage with people having those discussions. Lithium Social Response allows them to react quickly, delivering content to customers when they’ve shown interest, and helping them solve problems.
  • Through a Lithium Community, they gain a deeper understanding of customer experience by both listening to and participating in the conversation around their products.
  • Proactive case creation has become a vital component in ensuring full-service customer care. By integrating social engagement with the Fitbit customer service contact center, the community team is assured that, when they reach the limits of support they can provide on social channels, customers are seamlessly transferred to technical support teams without disrupting the customer service experience.

By proactively transitioning community members to technical support instead of redirecting them to contact the technical support team themselves, Fitbit is providing solutions an average of 40 hours faster, and an average of 18 hours faster than if the customer contacted through email first. Fitbit hopes to see these experiences shared, driving more customers to try community first.

Since taking the extra step in 2017 to proactively transfer social contacts to technical support, instead of directing them to contact support through email or phone, comprehensive solutions are provided to community members an average of 40 hours faster. Furthermore, twice as much message volume is now moved through private channels, which has enabled Fitbit to deliver greater individualized assistance. Unsurprisingly, both have boosted overall Twitter CSAT scores.

GoDaddy Sees 65% Increase in Revenue Thanks to Community.

“We plan to continue to add new features to our community and increase our revenue contribution by 18% year over year.”
- Eric Stieg, Head of Community at GoDaddy

GoDaddy is always coming up with new ways to help small business owners grow and promote their businesses. That’s why, after the successful launch of their Lithium-powered online customer community in 2016, they continue to implement new features and tactics to enhance the member experience. Their goals? Encourage engagement, save customers time, and increase their understanding of customers’ needs. Here’s how GoDaddy did it:

Formed close relationships with top community contributors and spotlighted their contributions.

  • Doubled the number of forums to increase conversation.
  • Added features that enhance the experience like related links, promotional widgets, tutorials, and making it easier to add a topic. These features make it more straightforward for users to find the information they’re looking for, as well as make sharing easier, resulting in increased stickiness and more pages viewed.
  • Included community posts in search results within the help section of GoDaddy websites, which drove new users to the community from other sites.

In just two months, search-referred traffic to the community increased from 49% to 62%. In less than a year, GoDaddy saw a 51% average increase in total orders and a 65% increase in revenue growth, all attributable to the community.

The Path to Exceptional Social Care

Aiming to provide exceptional customer experience is not enough. To reduce customer churn, tech companies must listen to conversations from their audience, respond swiftly, and prioritize continuous improvement.

Don’t try to go it on your own; instead provide complete social care with Lithium Online Community coupled with Lithium Social Media Management. By combining these two powerful solutions, your organization can:

  • Efficiently and quickly handle more conversations
  • Build trusted relationships
  • Satisfy customer inquiries through peer-to-peer support
  • Accelerate innovation for your next generation of products
  • Attract new customers through organic search (SEO)
  • Grow revenue from new and existing customers