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How to Build Brand Awareness with Better Social Customer Care

There’s a reason why Mark Zuckerberg calls a trusted referral “the Holy Grail of advertising.”

Well, actually there are several reasons.

  • A whopping 92% of consumers have reported trusting what friends and family say over all other forms of advertising.1
  • Only 10% of consumers trust ads.2
  • Word of mouth influences 50% of purchase decisions and scales like nothing else.
  • 1,000+ customers can generate up to a half a million conversations about your brand.
  • User generated content boosts search results and drives more traffic to your site.

This lack of consumer trust is bad for brands since 53% of consumers say they won’t buy from a company they don’t trust. Luckily social customer care provides a unique opportunity to turn your customer base into an extension of your marketing department. Follow the three steps below to learn how to build brand awareness with better customer experiences.

53% of consumers say they won’t buy from a company they don’t trust.

Invest in an online community

Best-in-class companies are using branded  online communities to not only increase loyalty with existing customers but also to heighten product and brand awareness. By listening to customers more carefully and responding to their needs, they can help increase market share through word of mouth. Also, real customers telling real stories about their real consumer experiences improves your brand perception.

With a thriving online community that blends branded and brand enthusiasts’ user-generated content, you can turn your website into the destination for your industry, not just for your own products or services. You can trust these results. In 2012,  StarHub launched an online community to better manage customer feedback in a more structured and constructive manner. Their community has flourished with $500k cost savings in customer support and $2.8 million in additional sales revenue.

Adopt new social platforms−yesterday

If you’re not prepared to rapidly adopt the social platforms that are popular with your audience you’ve already fallen behind. Especially if your products and services have global reach. For example, mobile messaging apps such as WeChat and KakaoTalk are the go-to social networks of choice in most of Asia. By actively supporting your customers where they are, you’ll find that prospects will discover you there too.

Run a customer-centric marketing campaign

While there’s no way to predict if a marketing campaign will go viral, there is a reason why some of the most famous campaigns use customer service as their focal point. 3 According to Harvard Business Review, “the goal is to find the link to an issue that plagues your consumers and relates directly or even tangentially to your brand or product.”4 The Dove Face Sketch campaign is an example of this. Its success was most likely the result of tapping into its customers’ feelings of inadequacy. “Dove created a positive emotional reaction by creating solidarity through their campaign. Their content delivered the message ‘Many women don’t see themselves for how pretty they really are — let’s change that.’”5

Go spectacularly above and beyond expectations

If you want to learn how to build brand awareness through better social care, start by exceeding customer expectations. There are obvious ways to do this, such as responding to social mentions within 90 seconds and giving personalized service, but these are things you should be doing for every customer. Every once in a while, you need to do something spectacular for a few of your customers. Spectacular doesn’t mean you have to have a big budget campaign. The Nordstrom employee who gave a refund for tires, when Nordstrom has never sold tires, is a terrific example of this. This $25 return 6 is not only one of the greatest customer service stories of all times, but it also has in part, made the Nordstrom name synonymous with excellent customer service.

JetBlue looks for ways to connect with their clients who mention them on Twitter. Recently a customer tweeted that she would like a parade when she arrived home. JetBlue sprung into action and held an impromptu parade when the traveler landed. Laurie Meacham, JetBlue’s Manager of Customer Commitment, says that their philosophy is to “look for opportunities to add value and connect with our customers, not just respond to every single mention that comes our way.” 7

How will you build brand awareness through better social care?

1,000+ customers can generate up to a half a million conversations about your brand.








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