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How to Improve Your B2B Social Media Strategy

Just because you primarily market to other businesses, doesn’t mean that social marketing can’t be an effective marketing tool.

Social Media Examiner reminds us that companies are social too: “It’s important to remember that other businesses are comprised of real people who behave socially.” While it may be more challenging, it is vital that businesses find ways to connect with their audiences on a human level.

It’s important to remember that other businesses are comprised of real people who behave socially.2

Social Media Examiner

These four topics will improve your business-to-business (B2B) social media strategy by focusing on helpful tips for transitioning to more human-to-human (H2H) 3 marketing.

1. Don’t just talk, listen. Only 4% of online conversations are branded and only 4% of the people talking about your brand actually follow you. 4 What both of these numbers tell us is that if you’re only paying attention to the followers who tag your name in mentions, you’re missing out on the vast majority of conversations about your industry, market, and products.

96% of people talking about your brand do not follow you.5


Include actively monitoring both branded and unbranded conversations in your B2B social media strategy to uncover critics, industry influencers and trends, as well as new opportunities for your business.

How to: It’s no longer possible to manually sort through the noise and chatter on social media. Invest in a social management tool that monitors keywords and phrases to help you track relevant conversations. Look for a tool that offers a notification system and a way to respond when you see alerts as well as a real-time search component.6

2. Discover content worth sharing. When B2B brands leverage user-generated content (UGC), they see a 50% increase in social media engagement. Also, your customers and prospects are more likely to trust UGC over branded content. But finding high-quality content is time-intensive, and determining the most effective time to post it can be a guessing game. Check out our guide to leveraging visual UGC for best practices in turning UGC into a powerhouse for your brand.

How to: It’s time give up the free tools and invest in a data-driven approach. Pick the best in class enterprise-wide social media management tool for your use case—be it marketing or service—and be sure it’s grounded in data. This will enable your team to discover content worth sharing and get it out to your community at the optimal time in a much faster and cleaner way. 

3. Offer peer-to-peer support. Your customers want to engage with you after they’ve made their purchase. By creating a community hubwhere customers can quickly find answers to their questions and share their experiences, you’ll leverage the power of the crowd and build deeper relationships. Many companies have discovered their customers are more satisfied when they can find solutions on their own 24/7. Not to mention community members spend more than average customers.

How to: Transform your website into a social destination by deploying a community with robust features such as a tribal knowledge base, ratings and reviews, gamification and crowdsourced ideas. 

Community members spend 2x more than the average customer.

4. Avoid marketing speak. A fundamental component of your B2B social media strategy should be to develop content that engages your audience on a genuinely human level.

How to: Here are a few tips to keep in mind when publishing engaging B2B content:

  • Do not focus on features and functionality, instead post “how to’s,” tips and tricks and the latest industry trends that help your customers solve problems.
  • Case studies, customer quotes and video testimonials are great ways to show off your products and services while engaging your customers.
  • Data is a powerful tool, use it to your advantage. Showcase your own data or third-party data, create industry benchmarks, and make assertions why your data is great as it relates to your industry. 

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5 Brandwatch Blog - "Marketing: Dark Matter, Social Media, and the Number 96"

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