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How to Integrate Snapchat Marketing Into Your Social Media Strategy

28% of US millennial internet users use Snapchat daily, 9% weekly.1 – eMarketer

If your brand wants to boost engagement and connect with the highly sought-after millennial consumer, it’s time to snap to it. A recent study by eMarketer predicts that Snapchat will be bigger than Facebook and Instagram among 12 to 24-year-olds by the end of 2017.2

Not quite sure how to integrate newer channels like Snapchat without compromising your existing programs? In a recent Lithium webcast about social media trends, Steve Harnsworth, CMO of Steveology Group, recommends an 80-15-5 split with your marketing budget. Allocate 80% of your budget to your existing high ROI social media programs, 15% to testing new outreach campaigns, and 5% for “outrageous and crazy” experiments. Don’t be afraid to spend a small part of your budget playing with new channels like Snapchat in unique, riskier ways.

If you don’t experiment with new social platforms and changing content consumption behaviors, you’ll be left in the dust.

If you’re ready to start adapting your content strategy and storytelling to meet the demands of the next generation, here are six ways to integrate Snapchat marketing into your social media strategy.

1. Be Authentic to the Channel
Your content should fit the platform, not the other way around. Save your beautiful product pictures for Instagram and your thought leadership blog posts for LinkedIn. Instead, create spur-of-the-moment fun snaps and stories with stickers, multi-colored text captions, emojis, geofilters, backdrops and swipe-up website links. Don’t know what any of those terms mean? Ask the nearest teenager for a crash course, or install the app and watch some of the 10 million “How to Use Snapchat” videos on YouTube.

2. Start Small
Create a custom geofilter for your next conference, tradeshow or other special event. This is an easy way to surprise and delight your audience, and your business doesn’t even need a Snapchat profile to make one.

3. Inspire with Influencers
Give customers a behind-the-scenes look at your company or products by having a partner promote your brand on their account, or by letting an influential Snapchatter take over your account. Social Media Examiner recommends working with an influencer “whose follower base is similar to yours to share snaps that coincide with your brand’s image.”3

4. Offer Rewards and Coupons
Promote coupon codes for your online store by having an influencer hold up a card with the code. Alternatively, send discount codes to customers who share snaps of themselves using your product.4

5. Snap Ads
Create campaigns on Snapchat for a variety of objectives: increase brand awareness, send people to a landing page, drive app installs, or get people to check out your content. Much like Twitter and Facebook, Snapchat offers audience match technology through “Lookalike Expansions,” where advertisers can upload lists of their best customers and find much larger audiences for prospecting. These precision audiences are comprised of consumers who exhibit similar behaviors and share common interests and characteristics to those of customers in your seed list.

6. Measure Success
Through a new tool called Snap Pixel, advertisers can now track the actions Snapchatters take on a brand’s mobile or desktop site after they’ve closed out of the app. This allows you to track your customers’ journey from start to finish, regardless of device.

So how do you adapt to new forms of content consumption and story-telling—and more importantly, how should brands invest their efforts? Watch our webcast Boom or Bust—5 Social Media Trends Brands Must Invest In to learn which digital trends social experts recommend.

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