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How to Use Social Response Platforms to Manage Customer Service

Customer experience has quickly become the next battleground in the constant fight for long-term loyalty. According to Forbes, poor customer service has contributed to $62 billion in losses to businesses per year, up $20 billion since 2013. 1 

As our recent "Value of a Happy Customer” survey results show, brands and businesses have no option but to double down on creating an experience that makes their customers happy. Don’t worry; you’re not in this alone, social response platforms can help. Armed with the right tools to manage customer service the right way, you’ll be one step closer to winning in digital customer experience and winning customers for life.If you’re considering buying a social response tool or tools, make sure they include the following capabilities essential to managing customer service. These features are critical to ensuring that every person who interacts with your brand can help shape a positive customer experience, and deliver it in a fast and seamless manner.

Poor customer service has contributed to $62B in losses to businesses per year
Shep Hyken, Forbes
  • Believe it or not, studies show that consumers would rather brands be quick than effective. Social media users expect a real-time response, or close to it. By putting keywords and relevant topics in place, you can use your social response platforms to flag complaints at the top of the queue for team members to prioritize and respond quickly and turn negative interactions into positive ones.
  • But what if you could be quick AND helpful? Social response tools offer a direct path to assistance for your agents on posts they are not able to answer themselves. By enlisting the help from subject matter experts , customer care agents can quickly facilitate resolution for customer issues that are out of their scope.
  • In-app messengers provide built-in messaging through an icon on your website that allows customers to chat with a representative easily. This feature allows customers to engage site operators without a third-party social media account, and site operators to see the conversation on a monitoring dashboard. 3
  • Informed customers are happier customers. Build templated content, so it’s easy for customer care agents to access frequently asked questions.
  • To provide exceptional customer experiences, it’s important to speak to users where they are and when they need you. It’s not just about Facebook and Twitter complaints. It’s about complaints that arise anywhere online. No more manually responding from each social app, instead, allow your agents to seamlessly engage across social channels from one place.
  • Respond with context using the most holistic customer profile data, containing information across social networks, interests, and CRM systems.
  • If you’re only paying attention to the followers who tag your brand in mentions, you’re missing out on the vast majority of conversations about your industry, market, and products. 5 With tools for social listening, actively monitor both branded and unbranded conversations to uncover critics, industry influencers, and trends, as well as new opportunities for your business.
  • Measure SLAs and agent performance in real-time so that you can identify and address emerging issues. Receive notifications about activity spikes and balance agent workload to provide consistent service.

Wondering if your current social customer service platform has the features you need to deliver top-knotch customer service to your customers? Download the Social Media Technology Checklist to find out.

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