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How Top High-Tech Brands are Delivering Great Social Customer Care

With data-driven customer tracking, peer-to-peer support and the latest technology in chatbots, these three High Tech brands are paving the future of exceptional social customer care.

Rackspace: Next-level Social Customer Care

Known for its "Fanatical Support", Rackspace’s entire social strategy is focused on serving the customer. They have a system in place that alerts them to negative feedback and questions before being directly contacted by their customers. And because they connect social network profiles with customer IDs, they get to work in the background and solve the customers’ problems immediately. The first time they reach out to the customer directly, they’ve already fixed the problem. Believe it or not, this surprise and delight of shocking the customer in a good way isn’t what makes their customer care next-level. It’s their ability to track how negative interactions change over time, and how customers who had a negative interaction have either stayed with Rackspace or moved on. In 83% of cases, monthly spend increases from the time of the first negative interaction. More importantly, that is a higher rate of growth than people who were happy in the first place. Delivering exceptional social customer care is about connecting with your customers in a way that solves their problems quickly and efficiently, and making them so happy they are more loyal customers than people who never had a problem.

HP: Self-Service is the Future

According to a survey by Fast Company, the future of customer care is self-service. 1 Currently, 70% of consumers have come to expect a self-service option, and this number is only getting larger. HP recognizes that offering self-service with the choice of personal contact is the key to supporting a large volume of diverse customers—24 hours a day and seven days a week. HP’s online community and knowledge base focus on engaging a variety of customer inquiries. Whether seeking general information, finding specific solutions, or sharing knowledge and insights, their forums and social media channels offer peer-to-peer support and dedicated social agents to ensure that questions are answered or routed to the right expert. This has led to a 37% year-over-year reduction in first response time and 41% year-over-year improvement in minutes to first solution.

Self-service is the only long-term solution to meeting customer expectations.
Fast Company

FitBit: Customer Service All-Star

FitBit helps people lead healthier, more active lives by empowering them with data, inspiration, and guidance to reach their goals. Their customer support strategy has always centered around delivery of clear help instructions. Through the power of social and community, FitBit has transformed their customer service experience by providing customers the help they need, when they need it, on the platform and medium of their choice.

What makes FitBit a customer service all-star is their handling of product retailer and mobile app reviews. Their support team not only monitors conversations across social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, through social tools, they also have visibility into 16 unique review channels across a variety of retail websites, as well as the Apple, Google, and Microsoft mobile app stores. Reviews from these sites automatically route to a community board, where they appear as new topics organized by review ranking. This content is then collected into a queue where a team of trained advocates responds to customer concerns and support opportunities. Their replies are posted to community threads, where content is relayed via API to the review sites. The end result is attentive support for customers who aren’t yet fully enjoying their Fitbit tracker.

Social tools have enabled the Fitbit team to listen, evaluate, and apply business rules to prioritize engagement for over 21,000 community posts, 27,500 tweets, 8,000 Facebook posts, 1,300 Instagram posts, and 3,000 consumer reviews across eight languages every week.

Want to learn more about how high-tech brands are delivering excellent digital customer experiences? Download the latest report from Aberdeen, "Online Communities in High-Tech Maximize CompanyPerformance".

1 Fast Company Article - "Why the Future of Customer Service is Self-Service"

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