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How Top Retail Brands are Delivering Great Social Customer Care

55% of adults say they place more value on a positive experience with a brand than on the product purchased.
Harris Poll

Six out of seven consumers do their research online before they ever set foot in a store. Top retail brands understand that the key to delivering great social customer care is to provide an exceptional experience every point in the buyer’s journey. If you’re more focused on product improvements than customer experiences, you’ve already failed. In a recent Harris Poll, more than half of adults said they place more value on a positive experience with a brand than on the product purchased.

With more buyers turning to digital channels for support, brands must invest in two types of initiatives:

  1. Monitoring conversations to surprise and delight customers and discovering relevant trends that matter for your audience and industry.
  2. Servicing a high volume of customers promptly to increase customer satisfaction and retention.

What does social customer care look like for retailers in the digital age? Check out these case studies from two top retail brands that have made exceptional social customer care their number one strategic priority.

Best Buy Connects Customers with the Best Service and the Best Advice

Multinational consumer electronics corporation Best Buy opened its first store over 50 years ago, when retail customer service was drastically different. In the years since its founding in 1966, Best Buy has had to adapt to meet digital customer demand at scale while still providing the same exceptional personalized service as it did when it first opened.

Our customers are active in multiple channels, and it's important for us to be there too. – Best Buy Community Manager, Gina Debogovich

Business Challenge: With the explosive growth in social network usage, especially that of Twitter, it became increasingly difficult for the Best Buy Social and Community team to scale their resources to adequately service the high volume flow of questions. How does one of the world’s leading retailers engage its audience, offer support, build advocacy, and provide recommendations across multiple channels, in a scalable and manageable way?

Solution: Best Buy needed a new, innovative approach to leverage the power and content available in the Best Buy Community. With the assistance of a social media response tool, Best Buy now proactively monitors the blogosphere for customers in need of support and helps them resolve their questions or guides them to the correct answer. “Our customers are active in multiple channels, and it's important for us to be there too,” said Best Buy's Community Manager, Gina Debogovich.

Results: In an average quarter, 600,000 customers visit the community, posting 20,000 messages and looking at over 22 million pages of content. Factoring in call deflection and sales influence, the Best Buy online community engagements provide around a $5M benefit to the organization. Learn more about Best Buy's digital success.

Post Office UK Surprises and Delights Customers at Every Point of their Buyer’s Journey

With over 370 years of service, Post Office is the UK’s largest retail network and financial services chain. The Post Office Money brand, launched in 2015, is bringing multi-award winning financial products together under one umbrella, with the goal of becoming one of the UK’s leading financial services providers by 2020.

Business Challenge: Build awareness of Post Office UK’s Travel Money product and improve negative brand perceptions.

Solution: A social campaign called #SummerSorted planned, executed and measured through an integrated platform for social media management. Post Office UK took an audience-first approach, looking at the interests of their competitors’ followers versus their own. They also looked at what type of content those audiences were engaging with on social. Once they had their target audience and priority content themes, they focused on the following areas:

  • Encouraging people to share and participate by offering incentives;
  • Sharing positive and uplifting content regarding summer travel;
  • Sharing information about Travel Money, funneling social users to a landing page or local branch;
  • And monitoring conversations and responding quickly at scale.

Results: The campaign contributed to a positive increase in the emotional brand connections between consumers and Post Office UK. In addition, the percentage of mentions of Post Office UK when compared with their industry competition, also known as social share of voice, increased from 28% to 45%. Learn more about Post Office UK’s digital success.

To discover about how top retail brands use digital strategies to drive real business results, check out the eBook Raise Your Game: 8 Social Success Stories from the Retail Industry.

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