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Do you know how to deliver a vibrant community experience, connect with customers in a meaningful way, and keep them coming back for more?

GoDaddy, AGL, and eBay do, and that’s why we love their social communities. Check out their three proven strategies:

  1. Avoid building a ghost town. Work closely with customers and brand advocates to create compelling content BEFORE launching your community, not after.
  2. Ensure customers are always only one click away from the information they need.
  3. Dedicate a team to community growth and development, and foster a program to encourage employees from all areas of your business to participate in chats, write blog posts, film videos and answer questions—including top-level executives.

"We always had a community at our fingertips; we just needed to build a platform where our customers could get to know each other and potentially work together. That is the true spirit of any community, after all." – Eric Stieg, Head of Community at GoDaddy

GoDaddy Builds a New Reputation

GoDaddy powers the world's largest cloud platform dedicated to small, independent ventures. With nearly 71 million domain names under management, is known as “the place you go to buy website domains.” However, the company wants to build a new reputation as a true champion for small business owners, not just as a domain provider. The solution? A Lithium-powered online customer community that achieves its goals to build relationships with and between customers, crowdsource ideas, and provide useful information and support to customers.

Why We ♥ GoDaddy’s Social Community

GoDaddy recognizes the true spirit of community. Above all, it’s a place where customers can learn from each other, brainstorm together, and even go into business together. They knew they always had a community at their fingertips. “We just needed to build a platform where our customers could get to know each other,” says Eric Stieg, Head of Community at GoDaddy.

Building a platform wasn’t enough to make the community successful, but their unique pre-launch strategy was. Before kicking off the community, GoDaddy worked closely with 150 customers named “Community Founders” to create compelling content. With a substantial amount of engaging content in place, they received ~70,000 page views during the community's first month and have grown their community tenfold in the 18 months since launch. Overall, the community has contributed to a 65% revenue growth over the last year.

Get support to grow and promote your business on the GoDaddy Community, or learn more about GoDaddy’s digital success.

At the end of the day, if our customers can contact us when and where they want to and have a good experience, it will only be positive for the business.
Liam Woods, Digital Community channel manager at AGL Energy

AGL Changes Customer Sentiment

As one of Australia’s leading integrated energy companies, AGL is taking action to responsibly reduce its greenhouse gas emissions while providing secure and affordable energy to its customers. They’re also working to transform the way customers interact with them into a positive experience. As part of AGL’s huge Customer Experience Transformation project, they launched a Lithium social community in 2015 to make finding information and solutions easier.

Why We ♥ AGL’s Social Community

Although their initial goal was to provide a way to divert calls from their call center, AGL’s community quickly became a source of truth in the industry with their knowledge base articles. The site also provides a seamless pathway for customers to get support. Positioning the community as a primary channel through which customers can contact AGL has been key to its success. The coolest feature of their community is the deep search functionality—a customized widget that surfaces top posts to ensure customers are always only one click away from the information they need.

In under three years, they’ve gone from a business with a handful of low engagement community members coupled with high negative sentiment to a large, engaged social community where CSAT continually rates 85-90% and 8,000 support calls are deflected per month.

Jump into the energy discussion on the AGL Community, or learn more about how AGL transformed its digital customer experience.

eBay Fosters Peer-to-Peer and Employee Involvement

For over 20 years, eBay has been connecting millions of buyers and sellers around the world. Although eBay itself is considered a community, the eBay social community has been around almost as long. The social community was left mainly to function on its own until 2016 when the company decided to shift focus and dedicate a team to community growth and development.

Why We ♥ eBay’s Social Community

Not only does the eBay social community now have employees on hand to answer discussion board questions, they are also piloting programs where employees from all areas of the business, including top-level executives, participate in chats, write blog posts, and film videos. They have improved their member-to-member support, including giving their superusers the ability to help answer a majority of questions filtered to the community via their online customer service integration. In just six months, these enhancements, along with the switch to a responsive platform, have contributed to an upward trend in traffic, best in class Community Health scores month over month, and more than double the number of monthly kudos.

Share, connect and learn with sellers, buyers and eBay employees on the eBay Community, or learn more about eBay’s Digital Design Excellence Lithy award.

Branded, on-domain communities are a powerful, untapped consumer touch point that influence consumer behavior and generate improved revenue. Learn more in our whitepaper Owning Your Brand’s Social Community Drives More Shoppers and Sales.

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