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We've packaged up three great white papers about getting the most out of social media, specifically for retailers.

Download the three-pack and get:

  • Hey Retail! Get Serious About Social Acquisition
  • Hey Retail! Get Serious About Social Engagement
  • Get Serious About Social Commerce
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"Every 2 minutes there are 2 million search queries on Google, $272K is spent online, 100K Tweets are sent and 685K pieces of content shared on Facebook."

- Mediabistro

Social Media University for Retailers

Get three data-packed white papers covering these topics.

  • Social Acquisition

    This paper aims to unpack the specific potentials (and limitations) of public social media networks like Facebook and Twitter as engines of acquisition, and part of your broader social strategy.

  • Social Engagement

    Engagement is about nurturing prospects and cultivating customer relationships. It picks up what your social customer acquisition strategy delivers, and ratchets it up to the next level. Learn how brands can build lasting, valuable relationships with their customers.

  • Social Commerce

    The use of social media to assist in eCommerce is growing fast, and with eCommerce set to reach $327 billion in 2016, brands are beefing up their social commerce solutions and strategies. Learn how to leverage the key components of social commerce for your business.

"80% of your company's future revenue will come from just 20% of your existing customers."

- Lee Resources, Inc.