7 Customer Service Strategies for Highly Effective Teams

It’s no secret that social is the future of customer service. And it’s likely you already have agents to receive and respond to customer queries through social channels.

But how will you build a sophisticated social customer service strategy -- one that can scale to deliver exceptional customer care even during spikes around seasonal sales, new product launches, and unexpected attention from negative customer tweets?

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  • How to empower agents with the right social tools to deliver great customer care
  • How to minimize response times, and keep track of that metric to measure performance
  • How to extend customer care beyond your customer service team
  • How to improve customer self-service options

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“89% of brands will mostly compete on customer experience.”

— Gartner

Delivering When the Pressure Is On

Competing on Customer Experience

A customer’s experience heavily influences their buying decisions, and it is inevitably where brands compete the most. Ensuring a positive customer experience at every touchpoint is critical to being successful. And it starts long before a customer needs to contact customer care.

Social Customer Service that Scales

For companies to deliver on customer expectations and empower their customer care team to deliver an exceptional experience, they need to expand “ownership” to every person who impacts the customer: sales, customer care agents, other customers, influencers, even vendors. We call this a Total Community approach.

Learn Best Practices

Whether you have a dedicated social care team or equip your traditional care team to manage social care, you can empower your agents using the seven best practices outlined in this guide – from comprehensive training to measurement and communication of the results.

“Customers who encounter a positive social customer experience are 3 times more likely to recommend a brand.”

— Harvard Business Review

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Learn how to scale, minimize response times and improve self-service for a great customer experience when it matters most.