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Customer service on Twitter is no longer a nice-to-have, but a “must-have.” In fact, 83% of Twitter users follow or engage with businesses and 80% of customer service requests actually happen on Twitter.

However, many brands still are not using the full power of Twitter to provide customer service. One of the reasons is that they aren’t using data to inform their Twitter customer care.

Are you using the right data in the right ways to power your Twitter customer service strategy?

In this guide, we’ll help you understand the value of using data for Twitter customer service to make your customers happier, your agents more productive, and your business more successful.

Learn why:

  • Data-driven customer service is better customer service.
  • Up-leveling customer service on Twitter pays off.
  • The right social customer service tools will greatly enhance your Twitter customer service.

  • You’ll also find a checklist of what your current social customer service tool should allow you to do. Plus, seven easy and effective data-driven tools and practices you need to know for Twitter customer service success.

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Learn how HP has decreased first response time by 37%.

Get smarter about customer service on Twitter

  • Invest in the right social tool

    By adopting the right tool, such as Lithium Social Media Management, Twitter has seen brands handle 10x more requests while decreasing the average response time and keeping customer satisfaction above 90 percent.

  • Focus on delivering positive customer experiences

    Twitter found that consumers are willing to spend more after a positive customer service interaction on Twitter. For instance, when a customer Tweeted a question or complaint to an airline and received a response, they were willing to pay almost $9 on average more for that airline.

  • See the full picture of your customer

    Social customer service tools should allow you to see the full pictures of your customers. In fact, knowing your customers in every dimension empowers you to craft highly personalized, targeted service that shapes the experience around each individual. This results in tailored experiences that inspire loyalty, drive engagement, and increase revenue.

"Social customer service costs 1/6 the cost of call-center care."