Cheat Sheet: 5 Steps to Serious Social Customer Service

Learn the key steps to up-level your social customer care and outshine your competition.

To win customer loyalty through social, it’s not enough to just meet customer expectations – you must exceed them. What are the key steps to achieve this? Download our cheat sheet to find out.

Social customers now expect your brand to be present and extremely responsive across social media. 66% of customers expect to hear from you within 24 hours of mentioning your brand on social, and if you disappoint, watch out! Your churn rate will see a 15% increase if your customers don’t hear back on social.

Download the cheat sheet to learn how to:

  • Assess your ability to manage high-volume customer interactions
  • Automate and prioritize responses
  • Focus on metrics that matter
  • … and more

Do you have the right pieces in place to build a strong social customer service operation?

Download the cheat sheet to find out.

“53% of customers are likely to abandon their online purchases if they can’t find quick answers to their questions.”

— Forrester study

Create an impact quickly with our key steps

Our cheat sheet shares the most important steps to consider to gain a competitive advantage, including:

Engage with Customers When They Need You

We’ve entered an new era of instant gratification. Customers expect you to not just be responsive and deliver high quality customer experiences; they expect you to be there exactly when they need you. It’s important to think through how to set up your social operations to achieve this.

Automate and Prioritize Responses

Train your team to work smarter, not harder by ensuring their workflow is set up to provide visibility to your most urgent inquiries first. Automation can be a beautiful thing, if done the right way.

Focus on Metrics that Matter

Data can be powerful but it certainly can’t make an impact if it is not leveraged. We’ll share how to think about measuring your most important metrics and options to create better accessibility to them.

“66% of global customers expect to hear from you within 24 hours of mentioning your brand on social media, weather good or bad.”

— Parature, Global State of Multichannel Customer Service Report

Download the Cheat Sheet

Learn the most vital metrics and how to interpret their impact.