Community Vibrancy Scorecard

Vibrant communities drive business results. How does yours stack up? Find out with this study conducted by independent marketing firm, ComBlu.

Vibrancy is a quality—a set of observable characteristics and practices—that distinguish successful communities and those that struggle or fail. In the end, it's your means to achieving great customer experience and earning maximum return from your community investments.

At Lithium, we work with hundreds of the world's biggest brands every day to create vibrant communities, but we often wonder: how representative are our communities of the overall state of branded customers' communities? And how would our customers stack up in the eyes of an independent third-party experienced in assessing communities?

That's why we retained ComBlu, author of the annual "State of Online Branded Communities" report, to conduct this study on community vibrancy.

The study used a blend of qualitative and quantitative measures aligned within a custom developed Community Vibrancy Scorecard. ComBlu targeted 90 mature branded online communities on a range of community platforms, both Lithium and non-Lithium, in a diverse set of industries.

Download the report and learn:

  • Which day-to-day practices drive the highest vibrancy?
  • Are people motivated by gamification and reward online?
  • How commonplace is a VIP or superfan program?
  • Does a mobile optimized site really matter?

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“The majority of communities in the study had positive tone and sentiment—average score of 86 out of 100.”

— ComBlu

Measuring Community Vibrancy

The scorecard focused on four primary areas of community vibrancy. Get an overview below, and learn about the findings in the report.


Brands were scored on welcome and onboarding experience, VIP/expert members, return motivators and member satisfaction. Dive into current best practices among mature online communities in the full report.

Content Experience

The report measured brands on the textual, visual or aural content that was encountered as part of members' user experience, including branded content, UGC, third-party content, private vs public content, amplification, personalization and mobile.


The infusion of game design techniques, game mechanics and/or game style into the member rewards and recognition program were a key part of the scoring, with a focus on community leaders, conferring status and gamification tactics.

Community Management

The study gauged brands' strategies and efforts used to build, grow and manage and online community, and surfaced best practices in terms of who manages what role and how. Learn more in this in-depth report.

“26 out of 90 communities in the study had some type of MVP/VIP program in place.”

— ComBlu

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