Customer Loyalty: It’s Earned Every Day

In an age of extreme customer expectations, loyalty is up for grabs each time a customer interacts with your brand: on TV, on the social web, in-store, on the phone or online.

Brand loyalty is earned—and then re-earned—when customers experience simple, effortless and high-quality interactions that meet their needs. Brand loyalty is built on trust, and is a deceptively simple proposition.

So how can you help build customer loyalty? Run a loyalty program, right? Truth is, just as many loyalty programs fail as succeed.

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  • How to leverage digital technologies to drive customer loyalty

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“Loyalty is a customer’s intention to do more business, to increase spending and to say good things about their experience.”

— Harvard Business Review study

Brand Loyalty: Building to Last

Programs that Focus on the Customer

Just as many loyalty programs fail as succeed. If the program is designed to collect data, how can you provide a benefit that outweighs the ask of the customer? Successful programs keep the customer experience in mind, while achieving the goals you set for your organization.

Reward vs. Loyalty: Getting the Right Mix

Rewards are a "thank you" that recognizes desired behavior, while loyalty is an intention to do more business, to say good things about the experience if asked. Mixing the two can create the wrong incentive. Consider loyalty program strategies that go beyond a "thank you" for lasting success.

Innovating with Digital Strategies

Today's omnichannel retailers are paying attention to what their customers value and using those to drive loyalty. In this guide, learn about some of the ways they are innovating customer loyalty programs.

“Of 3.3 billion U.S. loyalty program memberships in 2014, less than 42% are active.”

— Colloquy

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