Digital Care Redefined: Agents vs Moderators

With 83% of consumers saying they would stop using a brand after just one bad experience, you must provide great digital customer experience across the board. But, how?

You have agents and moderators delivering your digital customer experience (CX) to high volumes of customers. Those agents and moderators drive distinct customer service initiatives, but many brands treat these the same way, and that can impact the overall quality of the customer experience.

But it's not the people who are at fault; it’s the technology.

If you’re using technology that simply was not designed for large consumer companies with high volumes of service inquires, you are going to struggle to provide the kind of seamless digital CX your customers demand.

So, what can you do?

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  • Learn why diverse technology solutions are failing to deliver great digital CX
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  • Discover the advantages of unifying digital care

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“By the end of 2018, 65% of support interactions will be digital and social/community support will not be called out as a separate function.”


Delivering a Unified Customer Experience

Hear advice from brands using a single platform to deliver awesome digital CX, including:

StubHub: What is one thing brands get wrong when executing high-volume digital care?

“Not being human. There is nothing better than a real response that creates a connection with customers. In my opinion, scripts are the worst thing to happen to social care.” – Mary C. Hill, Customer Service & Social Media Manager

Comcast: What has been your biggest lesson managing and directing high-volume digital care?

“Not all issues and posts are created equal. As you structure your social care program, make sure you size the potential risks for issue types by understanding what immediately needs your attention for resolution.” – Clavin St. Juste, Customer Experience & Engagement

Rogers: What are the most important metrics to track and show value to leadership?

“Many organizations lack understanding of the social support experience, so it is critical to measure KBI’s that are consistent across channels. This helps lend a view on how social as a support channel fares against other traditional channels like live chat or voice."

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