Connect Customers, Content and Conversations at the Right Digital Moment

Digital customer experience is now more of a competitive differentiator than your product and service offerings. In fact, customer experience is the playing field for all industries.

Customers bring all of their expectations with them wherever they meet your brand. We live in a digital-first world, where customers are hyper-connected with each other and with brands, and expect to be served in their digital channel of choice, often in real time.

To meet these expectations, brands must create a consistent, frictionless customer experience across changing digital touchpoints.

How? By enabling the right conversations, on the right channel, at the right time. In this report, learn how to overcome the key challenges in delivering exceptional customer experiences with smart strategies to win.

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“Those who have the best experiences spend 140% more than those who have the poorest experiences.”

— Harvard Business Review

Engage Customers at the Right Digital Moment

To effectively deliver on digital CX expectations, brands need to be able to:

Centrally Control More Touchpoints

  • Aggregate activity across social channels, messaging apps and branded communities
  • Manage self-service AND agent-assisted conversations, and
  • Bridge pre-sales and post-sales engagement

Power Thousands of Personal Conversations

  • Prioritize and intelligently route with the workflow engine
  • Scale through lasting community content and superfan engagement, and
  • Create personalized experiences based on data

Drive Smart Decisions Through Data

  • Prove business impact and smarter decisions with ROI metrics
  • Use detailed, easy to interpret analytics
  • See a holistic customer profile, and
  • Connect customer’s digital footprint with CRM

“55% of adults say they place more value on a positive experience with a brand than on the product purchased.”

— Harris Poll/Lithium

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