How to Defend Your Airline's Brand in the Age of Customer Scrutiny

A playbook for delivering first-class digital customer experiences in the air transport industry.

The air transport industry is a mix of extremes when it comes to control. There is a perfectly orchestrated coordination of 100,000 flights globally every day and the logistics that come with it. But then, it takes just one frustrated customer with a “bad experience” who records, shares, amplifies or even distorts it for the world to see. Within seconds, you can have a major brand reputation crisis at hand.

The digital customer service team bears much of the responsibility in times of a brand crisis. Digital and social channels are where many customers go to vent, and if the team isn’t ready to respond, a minor crisis can quickly escalate into a catastrophe for the brand.

What does next-generation digital customer service look like? How can you ensure that your team has the tools and processes to efficiently and effectively handle every customer interaction – with the resources you have? What should you build and plan for?

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  • Uncover what’s at stake and how social must step up
  • Learn 8 ways to create and sustain high-level, scalable digital customer service
  • Discover how social media management technology makes or breaks customer care

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“With the right preparation and software, social care teams can efficiently manage a crisis event while continuing to maintain day-to-day service levels.”

Create Next-generation Digital Customer Service

Key points for enabling you to take it to the next level:

Detect and manage crises in real-time

You should be able to monitor customer sentiment and identify potential issues and incoming traffic thresholds, so your team can proactively intervene when they see indicators of an impending crisis.

Share detailed analytics

Metrics that inform agent productivity, CSAT and NPS scores, and sentiment conversion are essential to proving the value of digital customer care and to scaling effective teams. Your platform should provide easily accessible, shareable data.

Build an online customer community

Peer-generated content and superusers who can assist in solving issues are key components of next-generation digital customer service. Your platform should be able to integrate your community and your social media management tools.

“After switching to Lithium Social Media Management for Customer Service, United Airlines experienced an 81% decrease in response time, and positively increased their net sentiment from a -15% in 2015 to +6% in 2016. All without adding customer care agents.”

Download the paper

Learn to deliver first-class digital customer experiences for the air transport industry.