Game Changing Social Strategies for Financial Services

It's time for the financial services industry to get serious about the customer experience or get left behind.

Recent fundamental changes in the financial services marketplace have put the entire industry to the test. Trust is at an all-time low, cost pressures are at an all-time high, technology has exploded across mobile, digital, and cloud apps; regulators are invasive (to say the least) and top line growth is elusive at best.

Enter social communities: They create connection, conversation and most importantly, trust, a much beleaguered asset for FSI firms today.

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  • The state of social customer experience in the financial services industry
  • The benefits—and hazards—of large public social networks like Facebook and Twitter
  • Which FSI firms do social right, how and the business results they drive

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“95% of all customer interactions in retail banking will be digital by 2020.”

— CameoWorks

Social Communities: Ideal for Financial Services

Learn how building a social community can be a powerful way for financial services firms to own their social strategy.

Public Social Networks for FSI?

For banks, the giants of social media are unpredictable. It's essential that financial services firms not concede their digital strategy to Facebook—or any other single public social network. Learn why in this report.

Own It, Don’t Outsource It

The emerging key best practice for financial services firms is to have an owned property at the center of their social strategy. Owned properties are far easier to manage and customize, and let you create unique social experiences that your customers will identify with your brand.

Customer Communities: Trusted Social Hubs

Your customers may already be saying bad things about you—but it's much better to listen and be part of the conversation, and let other customers come to the defense of your brand. Learn how customer communities put trusted content at the core of your strategy.

“9 out of 10 financial service companies now use social media and their focus is shifting away from generating awareness to community engagement.”

— PeopleLinx

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