Customer Expectations Report

Today's consumers are fundamentally different than they were even five years ago. Do you know what they really want? Can your business compete in this new environment?

We embarked on a study to better understand the new set of consumer behaviors and actions—not only to see how the growing migration to online business has changed the ways consumers shop and interact with brands, but also how those behaviors and actions differ across geographical and cultural borders.

We were surprised at some of the findings. In some cases, viewpoints were consistent from one country to the next. In other cases, we stumbled upon some statistically significant differences that suggest your global approach to digital and social may need to be more nuanced than you originally planned.

In this report, we take a closer look at some of the key findings captured in an online survey conducted by Harris Poll in April-May 2014 among adults in the United States, Great Britain, France, Germany and Australia.

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“A majority of online adults visit an average of 3 sites before making a major purchase.”

— Harris Poll

Learn Your Customers’ New Behaviors

A Focus on Online Research

Regardless of the shopper's age, there is a clear trend toward research before purchase, suggesting a pretty solid departure from once commonplace "impulse purchase" tendencies. Learn how online researching varies across geographies.

The Phone Call as a Last Resort

Data is starting to tell a compelling story about the future of customer service that is quickly shifting away from the phone in favor of digital communications. Learn more in this report.

The Power of the Online Review

Positive "word of mouth" is the best marketing a product or service could ever have. And as customer reviews have become a de facto standard for any online shopping or service industry site today, this truism really couldn't be any truer. Learn about the impacts of online reviews globally.

Friends and Family: High Influence

Word of mouth from friends and family is growing in importance for consumers making buying decisions. The data also seems to suggest that online shoppers need more than advertising to help them make purchase decisions. Find out more in this report.

“Over two-thirds of American, British, French and Australian adults say they are more receptive to ideas on what to buy from family and friends online than from online advertising.”

— Harris Poll

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Learn how customer expectations are changing.