Holiday Readiness Checklist

The holidays are here! Is your business ready for changes and spikes in activity, particularly in social channels?

The first interaction you have with your customers is likely digital—meaning that before shoppers ever step foot in your store, they've taken the time to thoroughly suss you out online. And "word of mouth" recommendations are carrying a lot more weight than ever before.

In this new reality, you must think of your digital and social efforts as one and the same. They must be seamlessly aligned, otherwise you risk losing customers somewhere along their shopping journey.

This guide offers a few helpful tips to ensure you're ready for everything the holidays have in store for you (and your customers).

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“6 out of 7 customers start their shopping experience online.”

— NRF study

Tips for a Successful Holiday Period

Connect Digital with Social

Infusing your digital storefront with trusted social content will not only drive online sales, but it may also be that extra bit of reinforcement your customers need in order to get off the couch and actually head into your store. Dive deeper in this guide.

Staff Up, Everywhere

In this digital age, your customer service team is likely more a part of the "front lines" than your in-store team. You need plenty of resources in place to handle the increased volume of inquiries that will undeniably crop up during the holidays. Learn more about handling spikes in activity.

Activate Your Social Community

Actual customers are in a better position to not only answer those questions in more honest, candid, credible, and potentially more knowledgeable ways, but also likely have greater bandwidth to respond quickly. Learn how to make advocates your allies.

Be Proactive with Analytics

By staying on top of what your community is saying, doing, searching, wondering, or questioning, you will be in a better position to curate their shopping journey and provide a better overall customer experience.

Don't Forget Mobile

Mobile is another digital and social touchpoint that needs to be considered. If your mobile experience is subpar but your competitor's is great, don't be surprised if your competitor just gained a new customer.

Learn more in this guide.

“84% of smartphone shoppers actively use their smartphone in-store.”

— Google Shopper Marketing Council

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Get ready for the busy holiday season.