‘Hope for the best’ is not a strategy:

A guide for air transport leadership on brand protection and maintaining critical SLAs during a social media crisis.

Airlines and airports are continuously exposed to risk by unforeseen events: service disruptions, weather, political/national security threats, operations and mechanical delays…the list goes on. Disruptions drive additional service costs, and place added load on all customer service channels. Passengers are now accustomed to using the power of their voice via social media to interact with brands and airlines and airports are no exception.

Ultimately, customer experience reigns supreme – many in the air transport industry have deemed it the final competitive frontier. Social customer service is at the forefront of care, and of maintaining positive customer sentiment and improving negative sentiment. Yet too many airlines and airports still struggle when a social media crisis occurs, often from the sheer volume of inbound traffic.

How can they mitigate and contain the crisis while protecting the brand from further damage? What factors can they control in a social media crisis and how does it impact customer satisfaction?

Download this whitepaper by Dave Evans, Vice President of Lithium Social Strategy and head of our Air Transport global practice, to:

  • Learn what defines and creates a social media crisis
  • Spot early warning signs and identify the right response
  • Understand why response time SLAs are critical to crisis management
  • Get best practices to meet response time SLAs during a crisis
  • Uncover post-crisis action steps to be better prepared next time

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“Planning for and preparing for the next social media crisis involves understanding how to spot an impending crisis, identifying the type of crisis, having the technology and people in place to isolate a crisis, and dynamically routing and prioritizing crisis-related inbound volume so that response time SLAs can be maintained for the wider customer base during a crisis. The objective? Avert a secondary social media crisis and adverse impact to the brand. Make no mistake, no brand is immune to a crisis. But you can be prepared.”

— Dave Evans, VP of Social Strategy

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Learn more about brand protection and maintaining critical SLAs during a social media crisis.