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Companies that focus heavily on either paid media or earned media are losing out on the potential to fully leverage their marketing efforts.

Getting content in the right place is also increasingly difficult as social networks evolve and grow. Brands struggle to develop strategies that work across a constantly evolving social ecosystem.

Measurement and reporting of earned media is also challenging as data is typically aggregated to provide topline metrics, i.e., impressions and engagements. It’s difficult to extract actionable insights from that and even more difficult to implement learnings from one campaign to the next.

By developing a holistic approach to marketing that leverages both earned and paid media, you can improve brand trust and drive sales.

In this paper, learn:

  • Best practices that empower your earned media game plan
  • Best practices that empower your paid media game plan
  • What earned media and paid media can deliver to you
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"Statistics show that 92% of people trust earned media more than any other type of advertising while 49% say they trust paid media."

- Nielsen

Earned Plus Paid Media Drives Maximum Impact

  • Best Practices for Earned Media

    The ultimate purpose is to inspire influencers among consumers to further engage and drive organic sharing. Implementing best practices in earned media will ensure that you are making the greatest impact possible with organic content. Learn more in this report.

  • The Power of Paid

    Brands are paying more attention to paid media because just as earned media enhances a brand's authenticity as part of a larger marketing strategy, paid enables brands to scale these organic efforts to reach a more meaningful and robust audience. Brands should view paid media as a powerful and necessary strategic initiative.

  • A Multi-dimensional Marketing Strategy

    By applying best practices and leveraging the full effect of each media type, you can balance out your marketing strategy and create measurable, ROI-driven campaigns. Learn more in this report.