Revolutionising Customer Service in the UK

A new study reveals that more than 15 million UK adults rank being stuck on hold to a call centre as their biggest annoyance of 2015.

That’s most likely because the average UK adult will spend more than 246 hours in a lifetime on the phone to a call centre, and still not get what they need.

Traditional methods of customer service, including a heavy reliance on call centres, no longer meet the increasingly high expectations of today’s digital customers. With call centres failing, what can brands do to fix their own customer experience channels?

In this report, based on data from our customer expectations survey, you’ll learn more about what is driving consumers today, and see how giffgaff, Vodafone UK, Sony PlayStation Europe and Sephora are taking a Total Community approach to succeed in customer service.

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“34% of UK consumers are most frustrated with communication providers, 33% with utility companies, and 23% with financial institutions.”

— Lithium Customer Expectations Survey 2015

Meeting Extreme Customer Expectations

Customers are frustrated at brands that are struggling to adapt to the digital revolution taking place. Learn how smart UK brands are winning with a more holistic approach to customer service.

Taking a Total Community Approach

A number of UK brands have seen success going beyond the customer service department, tapping into expertise from employees across business units, as well as other customers and stakeholders, to meet customer needs. Learn how they’ve done it in this report.

Getting Buy-In from the Top

Brands looking to adopt a Total Community approach must overcome a number of internal organisational issues, such as an increase in digital investment, upskilling employees, and purchasing the right tools. Learn how you can identify measurable benefits to get buy-in for this approach.

Recalibrating Customer Service Spend

Succeeding with Total Community requires a recalibration of customer service spend. But by deploying channels such as a peer-to-peer community and searchable FAQs, you satisfy customers, resulting in lower costs and greater revenue. Learn how you can win with Total Community in this report.

“Nine in ten customers requested help online, with a significant majority of 66 percent expecting a same day response.”

— Lithium Customer Expectations Survey 2015

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Learn how to fix customer service with a Total Community approach.