Social Media and the Challenges Facing CIOs

Social media may have landed in marketing, but it's increasingly the CIO that's being looked to for answers to the question "what's next?"

The CIO—long seen as the source of technology and supporting enterprise tools—is being tasked to provide secure and controlled access to social channels in use by the company’s customers, linking social customer service agents with customers, and ensuring that compliance officers and data analysts have what they need to measure the impact of social media on the business.

Clearly, savvy CIOs need to come up to speed quickly on social technology as it relates to business. This means having a response policy for customers who expect contemporary brands to engage with them on the channels of their choosing. It also means protecting the firm from attack via these channels, and from errant statements by otherwise well-meaning employees when responding on public and social channels.

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“It's time for CMOs and CIOs to start forging true, strategic partnerships, so both marketing and IT can begin sharing ownership of both goals and outcomes.”

— Forbes

The CIO and Social Technology

The New Platform Requirements

Managing social customer experience means deploying a well-defined, strategically-based technology platform that is both under the control of the firm, and accessible and acceptable for use by customers as a place to interact with each other and with the company.

Integration with Enterprise Data

Executive dashboards—a longstanding province of the CIO—must reflect what is happening, what is being learned, which SLAs around interactions are being met or missed, and all in real-time.

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“IT needs new tools. Without change, CIOs and IT consign themselves to tending a garden of legacy assets and responsibilities.”

— Mark McDonald, group vice president and Gartner Fellow

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