State of Community Management

Community is driving measurable business value for organizations—particularly those applying process, fostering advocacy programs and involving executives.

As the Internet and the social web have evolved, so too have online communities. This report, authored by The Community Roundtable, assesses the maturity of online business communities based on eight competencies outlined in the Community Maturity Model.

The model helps organizations understand, plan for and assess the performance of their community and social business initiatives.

In this report, learn:

  • How communities are performing in various industries
  • What the standards and strengths are for communities
  • What opportunities community managers should focus on to grow their programs

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“Communities with dedicated community managers are almost twice as likely to be able to measure value.”

— State of Community Management

Key Findings: The Community Maturity Model

Community Maturity Delivers Business Value

Community management is becoming more of a science than an art as organizations apply more process—and those that do are seeing results. Of those with the most mature processes—the best-in-class in this report—85% can measure the value of their communities vs. 48% for the average community.

Advocacy Programs Increase Engagement

Community advocacy and leadership programs correlate with engagement, ability to measure value and executive participation. Only 33% of communities without any leadership opportunities are able to measure value, but that rate more than doubles to 71% for those with formal advocacy programs.

Executive Participation Impacts Success

Executive support is strongly linked to community engagement. In best-in-class communities, 58% include CEO participation vs. average CEO participation rates of 36%. Those are the same communities that are most likely to be able to measure value. Learn more in this report.

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Learn how developing a best-in-class community management strategy can bring real business results.