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Are brands engaging customers on digital channels well enough to stay relevant?

In the 2017 State of Social Engagement study, we explore this question. What we found is a bit alarming. Overall, brands’ scores for engagement are down—leading us to believe it is more important than ever to rise above the noise and create exceptional digital customer experiences.

The study showed that:

  • 98% of brands are still stuck in broadcast mode, pushing content rather than truly engaging
  • The vast majority of brands struggle to make a real impact via social
  • Brands showed some improvement in certain aspects, but it’s still not enough to stay relevant

How well is your brand doing? Where can you improve and where are you nailing it? Learn from this in-depth analysis of 70 global consumer brands across eight industries, tracking 342 social channels and see how they compare year-over-year.

Read the study to:

  • Learn strategic ways to move beyond the basics of engagement
  • Discover what the top 10 brands are doing right
  • Get key industry-specific findings and peer comparisons
  • Stay abreast of the latest engagement trends
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"98% of brands are still stuck in broadcast mode, pushing content rather than truly engaging."

- Comblu

The Pulse of Branded Social Engagement

Learn how brands are doing social engagement right, including the following:

  • AT&T

    The AT&T Facebook page is all about entertainment. They host live events, include an entertainment chatbot, and previews for shows. They use a lot of influencers and a lot of video. The content on Twitter is comprehensive and topics are more varied than on Facebook. They have a variety of engagement assets including contests, polls, free giveaways, and links to some cool apps.

  • Fitbit

    Fitbit exhibited many best practices across all the channels in their social ecosystem. While most of the brands in this industry focused on products and promotions, Fitbit’s channels featured content to help people adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Its Facebook page included healthy recipes, links to instructional blogs on exercising and setting up spaces for exercise, and spotlighting consumer success stories.

  • Ford

    Ford does a great job across all its channels. Their use of Twitter is a great example with a good mix of live events, sneak previews, and prompts for user engagement. Ford also does a good job with YouTube which provides information about how to get the most from their vehicles, showcases passionate customers, and compares their vehicles to competitors.