The Definitive Guide to Social Customer Service Success

You know that digital and social are the future of customer service. The question is: how do you get there?

Your business needs to see undeniable value to invest in the resources needed to design, build out and operate a fully functional, high-impact social customer service team. Saddling existing agents with expanded duties has been a Band-Aid solution.

But now volumes are rising, and you’re at the point where a full-fledged social customer service team just makes sense. It’s imperative to supporting exceptional customer service, and to your success.

What do you need to know, and do, to create a truly sophisticated social customer service team?

In this free guide, you learn:

  • How to sell the idea of a focused social customer service team to internal stakeholders
  • How to build that team
  • The key metrics and operational aspects involved
  • Customer implications
  • Revenue impact to the business
  • ...and more

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“30% of social media users prefer social care to phoning customer service.”

— McKinsey

Building High-Value Social Customer Service

Doing social customer service right can bring deep value to the customer, and to your business. In this report, learn about all the ways you can do this, and how.

Take a Total Community Approach

You need a solution and software that will integrate with your CRM and existing platforms, and provide the workflow support for agents to create social care that wows your customers. Learn how to leverage the wider community that comprises your brand, to provide exceptional – and scalable—social customer service.

The Fundamentals of Social Customer Care

Each of the many moving parts to a high-value social customer care function must be attended to in order to create a strong and consistent customer experience. How will you build your team? What kind of training do agents need? What processes do you need? Find out in this report.

Measuring Results

A quantitative, ongoing assessment of customer satisfaction must be a part of your measurement. At a more granular level, agent performance and productivity can be directly observed in posts answered, time to respond, the number of responses per conversation, and ending-state sentiment. Learn how brands like Symantec, Telstra and MoneyGram have measured their results.

“British Gas is experiencing a 93% response rate to customers on social and a 2.5 hour or less response time.”

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Learn how to build a high-value social customer service team.