The High Performing Community Handbook

How to leverage community to acquire and serve customers, and grow your existing customer base.

Brand communities existed long before the Internet. But it wasn’t until the relatively recent explosion of social networks that customer communities began to evolve into what they are today—consisting of all your customers, wherever they may be. Your online community is still the place you get the deepest engagement, but it’s now part of a larger, distributed conversation. Yet despite the positive impact on cost savings, sales, and customer satisfaction, communities are still one of the biggest secrets in social.

It’s time for marketers to use data to succeed and prove the impact of their social marketing efforts – be it raising brand awareness, thought leadership or lead generation.

It’s time for brands to understand the current and potential value of online customer communities and develop an effective strategy for them.

This handbook exposes the secrets to leveraging the power of community. It focuses on the benefits and value of high performing communities to brands at every stage of a digital customer’s life cycle, including:

  • ACQUIRE: How to attract new customers by turning your customer base into an extension of your marketing department
  • SERVE: A step-by-step guide to learn how to stop playing defense and provide exceptional customer service with an offensive strategy
  • GROW: How to build trust and boost loyalty with your client base to impact your topline

If your brand wants to create unique and differentiating customer experiences and reap the rewards of more engaged customers, you'll want to read this eBook carefully.

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“Community members spend 2x more, superfans spend 10x more.”

High Performing Communities Benefit Brands at Every Stage of a Digital Customer’s Life Cycle

Learn how high performing communities can be a measurable tactic for putting customers at the center of product and service strategy.

Harness the Loyalty of Fans in Innovative Ways

Customers are connected with each other like never before, especially when it comes to how to spend their money. 87% of consumers trust what friends and family say, while only 32% trust advertising. But this change in customer behavior provides an opportunity for brands to harness the loyalty of their fans and advocates in new ways. This is where a high performing community can help.

We’re Playing Defense – and We’re Obsessed with #FAIL

Instead of reacting to frustrated or angry customers, play offense by quickly and seamlessly providing information at the moment your customer needs it, on the channel of their choice. Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to provide exceptional customer service with an offensive strategy.

Foster Peer-to-Peer Trust

Consumers must have trust in your brand to make a community successful, but even more important is the confidence that consumers have in their peers. Learn how to provide an online destination where customers can connect with trusted users and industry peers on business and technical challenges, and you’ll reap the rewards.

“1,000+ customers can generate up to a half a million conversations about your brand.”

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Learn how to take leverage community to acquire, serve and grow your customer base.