The Social Customer Service Playbook: ​The Most Vital Metrics and How to Interpret Their Impact

There are endless ways to measure the impact of social on customer experience. Which performance metrics are top brands tracking? Download our report to find out.

To become a leading brand and stay on top, you'll need to meet your customers exactly where and when they need you, exactly in the way they need your help. This starts with a sophisticated approach to measuring both agent performance and customer experience.

Read The Social Customer Service Playbook to find out how your approach to performance metrics stacks up against top brands.

Download the Playbook to learn about:

  • Lithium’s engagement spectrum model
  • Myths that can trip even the most advanced brands
  • Ten vital performance metrics, how to interpret them, and red flags to look for
  • How to connect KPIs to business objectives to advocate for resources

How does your approach to performance metrics stack up to top brands?

Download the playbook to find out.

“Only 33% of companies analyze unstructured data, and even less so in the call center.”

— Forrester

Harness the Power of Customer Experience

We’ll show you how to leverage 10 vital performance metrics to elevate customer experience and win against your competition. We’ll cover:

The Engagement Spectrum

Different customers require varying levels of engagement from low-touch to high-touch. Our engagement spectrum will cover proactive and reactive ways to appropriately address customer needs within your social customer care tool.

Avoid Myths That Even Top Brands Fall For

Social Customer Service is a complex business that is not black and white – there are shades of color in the mix, and one size certainly does not fit all. We’ll share myths that require additional thought that you shouldn’t take at face value.

Your Data is Telling an Important Story – Don’t Ignore it

Delivering the best possible customer experience requires deeper examination of your brand’s performance on customer experience as well as agent performance. Dive into ten vital metrics and discover hidden opportunities to level up your experience and make the case for scale when you’re ready.

“Companies that excel in customer experience grow revenues 4% to 8% above their market.”

Download the Report

Learn the most vital metrics and how to interpret their impact.