Three Steps to Building Brand Advocates with Social Customer Service

You've put a social customer service program in place alongside your social media marketing efforts. But are you making the most of it to drive true brand advocacy?

Best practice in building more of your marketing program around social technology involves connecting your social media care and marketing strategies to business objectives, implementing social technology across the organization, and then measuring the results against established ROI benchmarks.

That’s a big challenge, and a worthy objective for your organization.

For near-term results, try implementing our three straightforward tips on how to link customer service, pre-sales care and marketing more deeply into your organization to drive better brand advocacy.

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“More than 60% of Internet-connected individuals in the U.S. now engage on social media platforms every day.”

— Bain & Company

Drive Better Customer Service Experiences

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Respond in Real Time, Real Space

You know you need to meet customers where they are, when they want—in channels ranging from email to chat to phone to social. But you can only do this within the limits of your resources, and you must set expectations for response times and channels.

Offer Express Lanes and Concierge Services

Some brands are experimenting with "express lanes" and/or "premium service." It's a concept that most customers understand and accept—but it also risks a backlash. The key is to ensure that customers truly understand these innovative service options and keep close tabs on their reactions.

Encourage Customer Collaboration

If your customer care platform includes a peer-to-peer component, connect customers with questions to customers with answers. This is an established best practice for telecom, tech and similar businesses with a complex product and diverse customer base.

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Learn how to apply our three straightforward tips to drive better brand advocacy for your organization.