Customer Success
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How customers relate to your brand is fast becoming more of a competitive differentiator than your product and service offerings.

In this report, you'll learn how to build a Total Community around your brand. It's about better responsiveness, which leads to increased customer satisfaction.

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  • How to manage rising customer expectations
  • How to create a Total Community approach to create an ideal customer experience
  • The value of Total Community for you, and how to experience real business impact
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"A customer is 4x more likely to defect to a competitor if the problem is service related than price or product related."

Bain & Company

Building a Total Community Approach

  • Understand Total Community

    Your audience is every single person who touches or interacts with your brand. Customers. Employees. Vendors. Affiliates. In a Total Community approach, you’ll identify and enlist the help of anyone who has the expertise to shape the customer experience, in a fast and seamless manner.

  • Learn the Five Key Principles

    Total Community creates one omni-channel voice that your customer experiences as “your brand”. Learn about the five principles to guide your organization to success with your customers, from activating the crowd toward your brand, to empowering the broader organization to provide customer care, and measuring the real business outcomes.

  • Gain Real Business Value

    Total Community allows you to present a better, more responsive experience for your customer, and:

    • Reduces cost to serve
    • Facilitates customer-led innovation
    • Increases conversion
    • Drives revenue