What a Great Digital Customer Experience Leader Looks Like

How to transform your social marketing and customer service by hiring a digital-first team.

Digital customer experience (CX) is no longer an option. If you are not competing on digital CX, then you are not competing at all. Ensuring a positive customer experience at every touchpoint is critical to being successful.

How can brands not only exceed the rising expectations of today’s customers but more importantly, succeed in tomorrow’s landscape? Adapting for digital means restructuring your entire organization to be digital-first, starting with developing (or hiring) digital talent in all departments, not just those that are customer-facing.

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We’ll cover:

  • The value of hiring digital-first marketing and customer service leaders to meet and exceed rising customer expectations
  • Five qualities and traits that transformative marketing leaders have in common
  • Five characteristics customer service professionals need to win at digital
  • Where to find the path to happy customers

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“By the end of the year 2018, 65% of all support interactions will be digital.”


Putting the Right Digital Team in Place

Engaging your customers well through digital channels requires a particular set of skills. We outline the key elements:

Digital-First Marketing Persona

Digital-first marketing leaders will help you stake your claim as a top performing social brand. Unfortunately, there is no hard skills test to find the perfect candidate -- but there are qualities that transformative marketers have in common. Look for characteristics such as the ability to tell a deeper story that connects with your audience emotionally and the know-how to leverage the latest technologies to evolve marketing to the next level.

Digital-First Customer Service Persona

Hiring the right professionals to support customer service operations is just as vital to delivering exceptional customer experiences as choosing the right social media management tools. To create remarkable digital experiences, make sure your customer service leaders are highly adaptable, have a total dedication to customers, and are strategic and imaginative about how to best use technology.

“To remain competitive, marketing organizations will need to shift from “doing” digital to “being” digital.”

— Facebook + Deloitte

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Learn how to adapt for digital, starting with hiring digital-first talent in all departments.