Our goal in conducting this study was to understand how brands engage across an integrated social ecosystem rather than how they behave in a single channel. Most studies focus on the size of a brand’s followers and the number of likes they receive. We wanted to build a new type of scorecard that would help brands benchmark their integrated engagement approach across multiple channels.

This study focused solely on consumer brands and did not include B2B enterprises.

To understand how brands engaged with their communities, the study looked at six channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and online communities.

A scorecard was created that tallied the brands’ performances against established best practices for each channel. A total of 143 data points could be potentially gathered for each brand, depending upon the number of channels in their ecosystem. When brands did not include all six channels in their ecosystem, the data was normalized to avoid “penalizing” them.

The scorecard included the following categories:

  • Appropriate use of channel
  • Active community management
  • Content quality as an engagement asset
  • Engagement
  • Collaboration with influencers
  • Amplification tactics with trending topics

As the analysts scored each brand, they captured observations about:

  • Overall channel experience
  • Great examples of engagement
  • Presence of the brand in each channel
  • Community brand choice

For more on our methodology, download the full report.